K-LITTER - Simply Heurekas Whippets and Italian Greyhounds

    Here are the pictures of the puppies
The parents    






Simply Heurekas Dandolo
born: 02/08/2011
Mother: Dark Legend's Vitesse
Father: Alfa Leromeo de la Roche Hue
Breeder: S. + W. Siebner
Owner: V. Kühlkamp

Size: 36,8 cm



Caeles Make My Day
born: 16.06.2008
Mother: Talata Nox
Father: Caeles Magical Mr. Mistoffelees
Breeder:Margrèt Veigarsdòttir
Owner: S. + W. Siebner

Size: 37,8 cm

National Youth winner Baden-Württemberg 2009
Youth Champion DWZRV
Youthwinner Donaueschingen 2009
Jubilee Youth winner Bad Homburg 2009
National Winner Nordbayern 2009
National Winner Hessen-Thüringen 2009
National winner Kur-Pfalz 2010
German Beauty Champion DWZRV
German Beauty Champion



The parents of our K-Litter are Simply Heurekas "Finn" Dandolo and Caeles "Maggie" Make My Day. About "Finn", how SH Dandolo is called at home, you can write a lot because he is a fine young boy. You can see at his successes in the showring how he presents himself confidently to the judges. Finn has a great balanced character and typical for an IG at every time ready for any "outrage".

Our Maggie is born in Norway and moved in to us at 8 weeks. She grew rapidly to a playful young dog. Running on the race track is not interesting for her but she made the shows very quickly to her hobby and many times we have the feeling that Maggie is showing us to the judges then we herself. She shows herself very much and likes the attention of people in and around the ring. Of course she has other "hobbies" such as running in the garden, hole digging and Italian Greyhound high jump - in short, she makes her name all honor and us "beautiful days".

Both dogs are eye and patella tested with no findings.